The next big style blogger.

24 Feb

Refinery29 is on the hunt for the next style blogger. Bloggers all from all across the world entered into this contest in hopes to become number one. But the end is coming as they have narrowed it down to the top five finalists.

This is such an awesome opportunity for those who were selected and good luck to everyone! For your chance to vote visit 



21 Feb

It’s been a while since my last post, well ok it’s been more than a while. It’s been months! I sat online today thinking hmm, what can I do? And then I remembered the blog I’ve been neglecting. I originally started blogging for school, as a homework assignment, and once my class ended I sort of forgot all about it. But I like to blog, I like to share what I’m thinking with anyone that will listen.

So I’m here to once again start blogging, so if your ready so am I :]

Street Chic.

16 Dec

Another fabulous catch by those at Elle and their daily Street Chic. Todays destination was Milan.

This is a milan model, wearing old paint splattered pants! Its grungy, yet polished..


16 Dec

As we slip into the december month and onto the next year, I am excited in so many ways! Yes it’s the christmas season and the new year, but my excitement right now is due to finals. The end of school, for this quarter anyways.

From advertising campaigns, to model croquis’ and even this blog, there has been so much work to do. But all great things come to an end, and I can’t wait for 3 weeks off to relax and enjoy the christmas season.

I’d like to share my work with you and am open ears for advice or congrats :]

As you can see, you already know my blog and I thank all of you that have been along for this ride. I do wish to continue to share everything with you so keep coming back for posts and blogs!

And these are my fashion concepting croquis! I hope all of you enjoy my work :]


Street Chic: New York

2 Dec

In an earlier post I mentioned’s daily post called Street Chic, where they find fashion forward everyday people in the streets. Here was yesterday’s post and I just loved her outfit!

From the lips, to jacket, purse and shoes, it looks amazing! I officially want this outfit :]

P.s.- I made this.

18 Nov

I just stumbled on a blogger, who has also written a book, whose purpose is to ‘call to action to reimagine, reuse & reinvent.’

She creates awesome pieces from everyday scraps and knick knacks that’s actually easy, and quite inspirational. Check it out!

Goodwill Frenzy.

18 Nov

Would you ever think that people would line up before opening to get into Goodwill? A huge line of people, anxious, and ready to shop for special pieces lined up saturday morning for their 27th Annual Goodwill Glitter Sale.

Goodwill keeps extra special pieces throughout the year to hold for this annual event. These ‘special pieces’ I talk about consist of designer labels such as Dolce and Gabbana, to Bob Mackie all at the goodwill discounted prices!

Last year this day brought in $140,000, which feeds back into Goodwill and their job training and education programs.

I wish I would have been there for those Dolce and Gabbana pieces, don’t you?!

For more about this story and to see the video, visit:


12 Nov

Each day I’m at school studying about fashion and the many forms of fashion, I find something new that interests me. From writing to design, and now to modeling. It’s something new to me, that I have never done and that could be where the instant spark had ignited.

Where do you start when you want to try something new like modeling? While I look into this more, I ask for something from you; advice, tips or any info you can share with me. Thanks!

Street Chic.

11 Nov

While stumbling through Elle’s website, to my excitement I found Street Chic. Much like my favorite blogger, The Sartorialist, Street Chic features fashionable citizens of New York and Paris daily.

Today’s find was a woman from New York City wearing a Bijenkorf jacket, Zara pants, New Look boots, a vintage bag, and a scarf made by her mom. Cute right?!

I’ll definitely be checking into for more daily street chic!

Fall Fashion Frenzy!

10 Nov

Finally the fall season is here. We see the trees changing in color, and the air starting to carry a cooler breeze. With the recent temperature drop it can only mean one thing, time to bundle up! I’m not talking about bundling your internet and phone  bill either, I’m talking about lots and lots of layers. has just released their Fall Fashion Guide and I can’t help but share my excitement of seeing some of these picks!

“Gold is the new black,” says Anna Dello Russo fashion director at large for Vogue Nippon. And as you can see, gold does seem to be a trend. Of the 23 stylists in the fall shopping guide, many showed a sparkle of gold. And we love to see that, don’t we ladies!

For some more awesome picks check out the entire shopping guide at